Our Added Value

Our contribution to your ideas

Incubate Concepts

When ideas are first developed, they still have room to grow. We see things from the innovator’s perspective. And with years of experience managing intellectual property from the very beginning of its life-cycle, we know how to help take an idea from its infancy to maturity.


Vet Ideas

After decades in the marketplace, we have a keen eye for what has potential. A product is not valuable in and of itself. It has to be worth something to others. We can help you make informed strategic decisions for effective product development and vet market-viable strategies.

Manage Business Growth

Even after a product has entered the marketplace, its growth must be carefully managed. Too fast and you may lose control of production or operations. Too slow, and you leave room for others to eat away at your competitive advantage. Our rigorous financial experience will help you manage funding and cash flow to maximize the potential of your Intellectual Property.

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